Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones from my family to yours.


With less than 5 hours of sleep, hours of late night food prepping the day has finally arrived.  Like clock work I was up early this morning for my morning ritual turkey preparation with my hubby’s assistance.  I could not do any of this without him.  Even though he slept less than I did he was up early to help me with anything I needed.  He and my brother-in-law spent the entire evening rotating shifts as the guys prepared a Cajun smoked turkey out in the smoker.  The house is already filled with the heavenly scent of a mouth watering smoked turkey.  Today all diets are off!  This will definitely be a day of grand feasting.  Last night before heading off to bed my heart was overjoyed as I walked around our home checking to make sure everyone had what they needed…pillows, fresh blankets, a place to sleep. LOL  I was surrounded by God’s favor.  Our middle son surprised us and last minute hopped in his car and drove down from Irving, TX to spend Thanksgiving with us even if it was for half a day.  Our home was filled with so much laughter and joy and lots of cooking.  We could not have been anymore grateful for God’s blessings.  We may not have the largest of homes but we have a family that if all they got was a couch to sleep on they were happy as long as they were together.  My mom, sister and her family, our 3 boys and my son’s girlfriend all camped out for the night and laughed and talked the night away until one by one they fell asleep. It’s in these moments that I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for all that God has blessed me with. Thanksgiving is more than just a day of grand elaborate feasting in the perfect setting.  It’s family gatherings and a day of reflection of a year gone by and being grateful for all of God’s blessings.  As you and your family gather this year for a day of Thanksgiving, look around and take a moment to take in what God has blessed you with.  We should not only give thanks on this one day of the year but every day and in all we do.  Focus on what you do have and not the things you lack in life.  Trusting in God and his grace upon you will bring you peace and fill your life and heart with joy.  Thank God daily for his grace, his favor upon you and for the day that he has given to you and your loved ones.  Be thankful for even the smallest of things in your life.  For they too are blessings from God.  I know my boys right now are thankful this morning, as they picked up their pigskin and headed for the football field, to all be together doing what they love best….playing football on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s been another great year for The Bocanegra Family and we are so thankful for each day of God’s grace and favor upon us, for the feast we have been blessed with for today and let’s not forget about the pigskin.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving from all of us!


Psst…God Loves You

 “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving…”  Colossians 4:2

 thanksgiving bible quotes

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