Rainbows & Unicorns

believe-bible-verse-faith-god-Favim.com-2139465Sometimes life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  There will be days that you feel fizzled out.  Let’s just say, today was one of my fizzled out days.  For months now I’ve been looking to move from my current job to something new, possibly closer to home.  I sat there one day wondering what was wrong with my resume.  What was I doing wrong?  I read over my resume tweaking it here and there.  Honestly I believed my 20+ years of experience was more than enough to land a new job in no time.  I prayed and prayed and still nothing.  It was until one day I really sat and prayed and then sat quietly in thought.  I realized that day that what I was praying for wasn’t what was my hearts greatest desire.  I was getting frustrated because I could not be home writing all day and taking care of my home and family.  I was fitting in my writing whenever I could squeeze in some time and it wasn’t enough for me.  I was getting all frustrated and allowing the frustrations from work to take a toll on me.  I had spent more energy getting upset from work everyday.  I started to focus my energy on God.  I changed my train of thought and focus.  Instead of focusing on the fact that my circumstance had not changed I started focusing on the plan God has in store for me.  You see, I was lacking FAITH…HOPE…and TRUST.    I was so focused on what I was doing wrong and what more I could right in order to land a new position somewhere else.  I was glorifying the problem instead of trusting that GOD was taking care of everything.  My faith was not strong enough and any hope I had was so small that I was looking at my hope as more of a probability.  I may find a new job or there’s a chance I may stay where I am at now.  I didn’t have confidence in GOD to believe He would put me in a better place.  As I sat quietly in deep thought God revealed to me that He has a plan for me and I just needed to be patient.  I started to change my prayers as I drove to work each morning and went to bed each night.  And on days where I felt overwhelmed at work and lost my fizz, I started to worship God…like today.  I started thanking God for the plans he has in store for me.  I couldn’t sit there feeling sorry for myself anymore and getting frustrated over my circumstances.  I took all that negative energy and channeled it to something greater.  I started thanking God for the new path He has me on. I stopped asking him for a new job.  I stopped asking God to change my circumstances.  Instead I started building up on my faith and trust in God.  I learned what it was to truly HOPE in God.  God wants us to Hope in Him in Faith believing that He WILL take us from where we are and put us high above the tallest mountains.  God does not want you or me to sit and bask in our sorrows.  He doesn’t want us to spend our days in frustration and anxiety.  God wants more for you…He wants to give you what your heart desires most.  But you have to trust in Him with ALL your heart.  God didn’t want to hear me crying and praying over my problems.  God wanted me to show Him confidence in knowing that I trust Him with all my heart and I KNOW He has a greater plan than the one I have.  When the last employer tried reaching out to me and we spent 3 days playing phone tag, I knew right then and there, God did not want me at that other company.  I have learned to be patient with God and allow him to do his work for me.  I KNOW God has something great in store for you, He is just waiting for you to trust Him fully and put all your faith in Him.  You will have days filled with beautiful rainbows and unicorns and you will have days where you feel fizzled out.  And that’s OK!  On those days remember to thank God for the plans he has in store for you.  Praise Him and worship Him and Trust in him with your future.


Psst…God Loves You!

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1



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