Tonight in church we were studying the birth of Jesus Christ.  Our pastor asked us such a simple question.  Why are you thankful for Jesus?  Of course the obvious comes to your head right away.  Well Duh…cause he died for us…He gave His life for us.  Yes that is so true and yes we are all so grateful for what He did but I sat there in deep thought as our pastor spoke.  The first thing that came to my head was HOPE.  Without Jesus, I had no hope.  It was because of His undying love and the sacrifice He made for my sins that I have HOPE in KNOWING that everything will be okay.  I love how because of the birth of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us I know I can overcome anything that comes against me.  These last couple of days have been difficult and boy has my patience been tested.  I was feeling overwhelmed with frustration and in my human nature I was ready to just give up all hope in myself and what I am doing.  I started to question myself…my book…my blog.  I was allowing the negative thoughts to slowly start creeping into my mind through the little cracks of hopelessness I was feeling.   I wasn’t allowing myself to hear God speak to me.  My heart was overwhelmed but God reached out to me.  God reminded me of the good I was doing.  He gave me this reassurance that everything was going to be just fine.  I was losing hope in myself but God never once lost hope in me.   I’m in a season right now where I’m learning lessons in patience and faith.  I know that despite how strong the waves are that come crashing against me, God is my life saver.  He rescues me in the strongest of storms.  God secures my feet to the ground so that no wind can blow me over.  Because Jesus died for our sins, God gives us second chances every time we make a mistake.  When you are overwhelmed and feel like you are losing all hope, know that God is there to rescue you.  He is there to bring you peace and comfort.  Trust in Him.  Know that God’s love will set you free from what’s weighing you down.  HOPE in all that God can do for you.  He already gave His one and only son for you.  Believe that God is there with you in all you are going through right now.  I still have my moments, but having HOPE in God, I am able to start fresh each day ready to tackle whatever the day brings.   I pray for peace and hope for you in all you do.


Psst…God Loves You

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13


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