You are not alone…

lead me

When I ventured on this journey I never once thought I’d be where I am today.  I’m amazed at how much I have learned along the way.  Things my grandfather, for years, kept trying to get me to understand.  One thing I have learned is people tend to lean towards God and seek Him when they are going through something difficult.  It’s in these moments that we seek God.  We seek to know that someone greater than us will be there to guide us and help us along the way and save us.  It’s in these moments we begin to truly trust in God because we have nowhere else to turn to.  Know that God is there for you no matter what your circumstance is.  You are not alone.  Even if you haven’t reached out to him in quite sometime God is there waiting patiently on you to reach out to Him.  God doesn’t turn you away or ignore your prayers just because you haven’t been to church in a while or because you don’t live a righteous life.  NO!  God has been there all along just waiting on you to call out to Him.  There have been times that I was way off track in my walk with God.  I was focused on living a life of ME and not a life for GOD.  I was selfish and believed I could do it all and on my own.  I didn’t need anyone…or anything.  I got this!  I can handle anything.  I’m a strong woman and a smart one and I believed that there wasn’t anything in my life that could keep me down or keep me from growing.  I was so wrong.  I was lost believing this.  I found myself in constant anxiety and stress…angry and frustrated all the time.  I felt discouraged.  I couldn’t sleep.  I cried all the time.  I was ready to shut out people from my life because of all this bitterness.   It was until I called out to God and started learning to let it all go to Him that I was able to start living life again.  I was so lost before that just to wake up each day was such a task.  I wake up each morning now filled with joy and thankful that God has blessed me with another beautiful day…even during the storms.  Every day is a blessing.  It may not seem that way now but know that God will only give you what he knows you can handle.  Not more.  Trust in God and let him steady your heart and bring you peace.  God only wants what is best for you.  Isn’t it time you start living the life God intended for you to live?  I pray that you find peace today.  I pray that today you will choose to start living your life how God wants you to live…filled with love, hope, joy, peace and good health.  Remember, there is nothing God can’t handle.  He is always there…you are not alone.


Psst…God Loves You

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28



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