Twas 5 Days Before Christmas…

ChristmasChaosWk1-450x450Twas 5 days before Christmas and all through the malls, everybody’s out scrambling for the perfect Christmas gifts up and down the halls.  The streets are chaotic with the honking of horns.  As the people get restless looking for that one special toy…of course… it must be Star Wars.

It’s during this time that emotions start getting all out of sorts.  We tend to lose sight of what’s most important.  We start getting overwhelmed with all the shopping and preparations for this special holiday.  Yesterday we were out in all the chaos and as much as I tend to get a bit out of sorts with large crowds I found myself extremely calm and at ease.  Usually every year i’m stressed trying to get all the gifts wrapped in one day.  FYI…it NEVER happens.  I go into a panic getting the decorations up around the house and making sure I have everything I need for our Christmas dinner.  And amid all this chaos I try and find time to bake my cookies and even get them decorated.  Well let’s just say, I end up baking and half way through I’m so stressed out doing everything else trying to multitask that I lose my desire to even decorate the cookies.  This year has been so different.  I have found a peace within me.  I am now able to enjoy all the things I once saw as stressful and chaotic.  I have found my joy once again and it’s all because of God.  He has filled my heart with so much joy and peace that it’s radiating from me.  I LOVE IT!  Here I was for years a total mess…Mrs. Multitasker of the Year yet never accomplished a thing.  Now I’m more focused on the important things in my life.  Today I almost fell back into that rut but God had a different plan for me.  I was going to head back out into the chaotic streets of holiday shoppers then come home and bake.  But instead I knocked out into a deep sleep after church which rarely happens.  I woke up refreshed and focused on baking and spending this evening with my boys, niece, sister and my mom.  Life is far too precious to allow the stresses of the holidays to take over and steal our joy and peace.  Refocus your mind and thoughts onto God and watch how he begins to fill your life with that same joy and peace.  Allow God to take away that stress and anxiety of the holidays and trust that he will provide everything you need.  Off to baking I go.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening and take a moment to thank God for this beautiful time he has blessed you with.


Psst…God Loves You

“LORD, you establish peace for us;  all that we have accomplished you have done for us.”  Isaiah 26:12




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