Be Steady My Heart

We-are-never-defeated-unless-we-give-up-on-God2-300x300If you’ve ever played Jenga you know how towards the end the game starts to feel a bit unnerving.  At any moment if you pull the wrong block the entire tower will collapse…crumble right  before your eyes.  It doesn’t matter how steady your hand is, the wrong tug, the wrong direction, the wrong block can cause everything to just fall apart.  In life sometimes we feel like that one block that we are depending on, to hold everything together, is coming loose.   We think we have everything figured out.  We think we are steady and all is great.  We have our plan and our mind set on what we want.  Suddenly something comes along and just rips it away from us.  All of a sudden our lives are crumbling.  We feel hurt, lost, upset, angry, frustrated and confused.  The immediate solution we know deep down won’t be the right one but we choose it anyway.  We believe with everything in us that if we just choose to make a quick temporary change things will fall right into place after a while.  Not once do we look at our circumstance and realize that maybe, just maybe, God is changing our course.  God is redirecting our paths even though we want to go a different direction.  We want to stick to our original plan.  Life isn’t always going to be easy.  There will be obstacles.  There will be disappointments.  There will be times that what we want isn’t what is best for us.  Yet we insist it’s what we need.  Everything falls apart and all of a sudden you are stuck with a tough decision to make.  I’ve been in those moments.  Tonight was one.  I felt as if everything I had done was a complete waste of time and energy.  I was so upset and I caught myself.  I shut my music off and prayed.  I prayed to God to take over and help redirect our ways.  I asked God to show us what he wants us to do.  I asked God to take total control of the situation so that the right decisions would be made.  I was so upset and prayed for peace in my heart and mind.  I needed to focus on what God’s plan was.  God intervened and showed me once again He was taking care of everything.  He made a way.  He restored my peace of mind and peace in my heart.  He showed me He was taking care of everything and I need not worry about what was to come.  When I had prayed to God I heard Kari Jobe singing “Steady My Heart”.  That’s exactly what I needed.  I needed God to steady my heart and He did.  I was hurting and felt like everything I had worked hard and sacrificed for was falling apart but God showed me different.  I’m not worried about what’s to come because I know God has a better plan than the one we had.  I trust that God is taking care of my family.  Trust in God with all your heart even when the blocks start crumbling before you.  Trust that God will make a way where no way seems possible.  Trust that God’s plan is far better than yours.  He wants what is best for you because He loves you so much.


Psst…God Loves You

“Be strong and of good courage;  do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9



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