Letting Go


Letting go of trying to handle everything ourselves can sometimes be our greatest battle.  We find ourselves unable to just let it all go.  We believe we can do it all without help or advice from anyone.  We are so strong willed that when someone tries to tell us over and over again how we need to seek help we just ignore it.  Today I had my moment of letting go.  I insisted on going into the office today despite the amount of pain I was still in.  I could barely walk and I was so sure I could do this.  My husband and son kept telling me over and over that I just needed to accept I needed rest.  My body needed rest.  But no!  I was stubborn and as I made my painful climb into my truck the pain grew more intense in my lower back.  I went to pull out of my driveway when the pain shot from my foot up my spine.  Talk about OUCH!! Even with all this I STILL insisted I could do this and I made it as far as the corner when I finally caved.  It took all that for me to realize my body wasn’t healed enough yet to drive and go to work.  Sometimes we are this way with God.  God is steadily showing us over and over that we need his help.  He reminds us that He is there waiting to take that weight off our shoulders and handle everything for us.  But no…we push on forward insisting We Got This.  In reality WE DON’T!  It takes that painful moment to remind us we are not healed.  We are still hurting.  We need help.  We need GOD.  My husband and son weren’t warning me because they just want me home.  I wish.  On the contrary.  They were warning me because they could see what I couldn’t.  I was hurting…in severe pain.  Just like them, God sees that you are struggling trying to manage on your own.  God wants to help you.  God wants to protect you from anymore hurt and pain…He wants to pull you away from what’s troubling you…He wants to be your provider…your protector…your healer.  Let Go…and Let God!  Let God take over and bring you rest.  Let God handle the things you can’t change on your own.  Let God direct your paths and watch how He begins to restore you happiness and peace.


Psst…God Loves You

“For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.'”  Isaiah 41:13


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