Forgive and Forget

God cares

Sometimes we get so caught up over what we did, who we were, how we were that we hold it against ourselves.  We start believing that God won’t see past who we once were.  God knows when you are changing.  Every change you are making counts.  He sees past all the mistakes we once made.  He sees deep into our hearts what we sometimes have trouble seeing.  God forgives you the moment you ask Him for forgiveness.  And when He forgives…He forgets.  He won’t bring it back and hold it against you.  God is so merciful and forgiving despite how many times we run away from Him and rebel.  I spent 2 years after losing my grandfather lost and rebelling against God.  I slipped away into a deep depression and bitterness.  It was until I went back to God on my knees crying for His forgiveness and help that I was able to finally have peace in my life.  It wasn’t my fault I had lost my grandfather and it wasn’t God’s fault.  Grief had taken a strong hold of my emotions and thoughts.  I found my way back to God and immediately I felt his arms just wrap around me comforting me and loving me.  God has never left my side.  God is always there.  He is just waiting on you to seek Him.  He won’t ever turn you away.  He will Forgive you and Forget about who you once were.  He will be your rock…your strength.  He will lift you up from what you are going through and restore the peace in your life.  Remember, every morning starts a new day…A NEW YOU.


Psst…God Loves You

“To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against Him.”      Daniel 9:9





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