Mercy Delivers Peace


When we do wrong we seek God’s MERCY.  We cry out to God for forgiveness in hopes that He will give us one more chance.  We seek God’s love and we want Him to be merciful with us despite what we have done.  As we cry out to God, pleading to Him, God wipes our slate clean and give us another chance to get things right.  He doesn’t immediately condemn us and He does not shut us out.  God doesn’t give us the silent treatment nor does He resent us for all our wrong doings.  If anything, God gives us what we cry out to Him for.  He gives us His unconditional love and His undying Mercy.  He doesn’t set a limit on how many times He forgives and He doesn’t keep track of how many redos we get.  No.  God forgives us instantly despite how bad our situation is, despite how wrong we were, despite how much WE hurt Him.  So my question is.  Why are we then so quick to NOT forgive others?  Why are we not able to show mercy unto others as we ask God to show unto us?  It’s not easy.  I know.  I know this first hand.  Holding on to anger and resentment will never create a solution.  Being unable to let go of the hurt and pain doesn’t make the pain any less.  And in all honesty, not forgiving someone for what they have done to you does not bring you closer to God nor does it bring peace to your life.  For years I held onto that anger I had for my biological father.  For years I resented him and in this time it ate me up.  My heart was hard.  I felt emptiness in my heart.  I felt anger, frustration and bitterness.  I took it out on others and lived years like this.  It was until I stood before him and forgave him that I was able to finally live my life in peace.  I watched other parts of my life that were filled with brokeness become unraveled and I was finally able to restore my family, my life and most importantly my heart.  God revealed to me the wrong I was doing.  God revealed to me that holding on to this unforgiveness was keeping me from enjoying my life, my family and from getting closer to Him.  It’s not easy but if you just trust in God to lead you, to help you, to teach you how to let go, God will restore your peace.  The first step to your peace and restoration is to ask God for His help in teaching you to be merciful of others.  After that, God will handle the rest.  I pray that today you open your hearts to God.  I pray that beginning today, you will find peace once again in your life.  Being merciful does not mean you are weak.  It means you are stronger than those that come against you.  Mercy delivers peace.  Tonight I pray you find your strength to let go and show mercy those that have caused you pain.


Psst…God Loves You

“Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”  Luke 6:36

forgiveness and mercy


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