Beauitful Love


Doing something because we have to is one thing…but doing something because we love to is something completely different.  When we do things we enjoy and love, it all seems so effortlessly.  For instance, I DO NOT LIKE washing and folding clothes.  I do it because I HAVE to and if you ever saw my room you’d see clearly how much I just do not like laundry time.  Plus it drags out for hours when I do finally get to it.  But the laundry gets done week after week.  Now put me in the kitchen and I can create something amazing.  With one bite your mouth is having a party.  I love cooking and creating new recipes.  It’s just always been in me since I was a little girl.  I can be in the kitchen for hours and still have a smile on my face and I am feeling great.  There was a time that when I went to church it was not something I loved…I just did it.  I went because I felt I had to.  As a grandchild of a pastor whom I lived with for months out of the year, I had no choice.  Growing up I spent at least 3 days of my week in church.  I sang because it was expected.  I read bible verses and memorized them…again because I had to.  As I became an adult and my relationship with God grew closer, I found myself wanting to go to church.  I started reading my bible and singing songs from church even when I wasn’t at church.  I started taking bible study classes and with time I felt my desires to learn more about God just growing.  My love for God was always there but my love and desire to study his word and get closer to Him was not there.  Today I study my bible more than ever before.  I started this blog to share with you my experiences and to remind you of just how much God loves each and every one of you.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be doing any of this.  I LOVE going to church any chance I can get and when I’m not there, I feel a sadness.  I LOVE singing to God and being in that special moment where His presence surrounds me.  I LOVE reading His word and I find myself constantly thirsty to learn more.  It was until I started doing all these things with my whole heart that I was able to truly understand and appreciate it all.  No one forces me.  I seek God because I want to be closer to Him.  I love how He makes me feel.  I love watching my boys and husband all drawing closer to God and exploring as they journey with God.  At first I’d try and get them to go to church or read their bibles.  Now, they read on their own.  They listen and download some of their favorite Christian music and we swap music.  They look forward to participating in church activities now.  It’s when we seek God with love and an open heart that we start to see all the changes in our lives.  One of my favorite songs, “You Make Me Brave” says how God’s love crashes over us like waves.  That’s how great God’s love is.  His love makes us brave, strong, confident, courageous and fearless.  God doesn’t get enough of loving us.  He is so amazing and just wants to shower you with His beautiful love.  As you can see, once I get writing about His love I have trouble keeping it short.  I don’t get enough of talking about God’s wondrous love for you and me…for all of us.  Seek Him with an open heart and watch as He moves in your life.


Psst…God Loves You

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”  Deuteronom0d043cd91d946201b73f0945b4c2ee3dy 6:5


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