Believe In Yourself


Sometimes trusting in God is the easy part…but believing in ourselves can be the hardest.  We tell God over and over He is in control, yet we fight Him when He lays it in our heart to do something.  I have had my own battles.  I cried out to God telling Him, “Not me”, “Why me”, “I’m not qualified”.  And yet, God continued to show me all the reasons why I was qualified, why I was ready and why me.  Despite my understanding, God KNOWS what He is doing.  He sees deep into your heart, not the outer shell.  He feels your desires and He is there pushing you to be courageous and do what your heart desires.  I have the random thoughts even today that I have so much yet to learn and to change.  It’s as if in my mind I’m preparing for the perfect moment.  God determines who, what, when, where and He knows the why.  If you think about it, look at the apostles that followed Him.  They weren’t educated by God or had special training.  No…Jesus chose them one by one and they followed Him on a journey in which they learned first hand what He wanted them to teach others.  Trust in God to lead your way, to provide for you on your journey, to teach you and believe in yourself.  He already does.


Psst…God Loves You

And Jesus replied, “You do not understand what I am doing now, but you will understand after these things.”  John 13:7



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