Rev Up Your Engine!


What get’s your engine revved up?  What’s that spark that ignites a fire in you?  We all have that one thing that gives us that added OOMPH that kicks us into motion.  Sometimes it’s hard to get our days going.  There are days where we just want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over our head and just do nothing.  In that moment we lack motivation.  We all have those moments where the last thing you want to do is write up that report, finish that last chapter, get that project started or even something as simple as just folding those millions of baskets of clothes still sitting in your room.  OKAY!  Maybe that last one is just me.  or is it?  HAHA!  So, I lack motivation to do laundry.  I lack motivation in different areas many times.  For instance right now I am slightly, meh, motivated to work on a new book.  I know in my mind what it’s going to be about but, eh, I’m not in any rush.  But then, I chat with my middle son, Matt.  And of course…Matt ask me about this one particular book I started last year.  He encouraged me to get back on it.  He pushes me to keep moving forward.  He is the coal in my caboose that gets my engine revved up and going.  He may not realize it, but he is my motivation.  Because he believes in me.  No matter how far fetched my plans are, Matt motivates me when he sends me those little text that say, “Hey mom, how’s the book coming along?” or “Mom, what are you waiting for?  Just go for it.  You have nothing to lose.”  Motivation can come from one’s encouraging words or from your current situation.  You could be struggling right now with little to no motivation.  A great example is Toni Robbins, a well known life coach, that lifted himself from the financial struggles, being over weight and lost in the world.  He wasn’t this college educated kid.  He had his struggles growing up and when he reached a low point in his life, he knew enough was enough.  He found his motivation and through that, he learned how to help others reach their potential.  It doesn’t matter what your struggle is, how difficult it may seem, how big the problem is.  God is your answer to reach freedom from everything holding you down.  The minute you ask God to intervene, a spark ignites in you.  You see yourself filling with confidence and energy ready to tackle that obstacle you are facing.  God will send you encouragement through different means. Seek your motivation today and get your engine revved up.  Waiting for the right moment will only lead to lost time.  Today is your day to start fresh.  I encourage you to write down little encouraging notes to yourself and place them around your computer, your mirror, your vehicle pushing you to keep moving forward.  Today can never be repeated and yesterday can never be redone.  I encourage you to seek out what gets your engine going and grab on to it tight and just go for it.


Psst…God Loves You

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another – and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”  Hebrews 10:24-25




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