Pass The Fork


Last year my father-in-law had given us a big scare and was admitted back into the hospital.  Rene and I were under a lot of stress and worried about his father.  That day I asked Rene to take me the Japanese Friendship Garden at Hermann Park.  I felt the need to just get away to a peaceful place like that garden.  As we walked, we came across a fork in our path.  There were 2 routes to choose from.  We had been there before and never explored one of the paths.  So we stood there debating which way to go. Yes, it sounds crazy but as we stood there a thought came to mind and I shared my thought with Rene, like always.  Poor guy.  So this fork to me represented something more.  I was reminded about the journeys we go on.  Whether it’s a spiritual journey or a journey seeking some sort of peace within our life, to find ourselves or simply to venture off into something new in our life.  We set off on these journeys and eventually we reach a point where we have to decide which route to go.  Either we take Path (A), where we know exactly where it will lead.  It’s the safe route, a known route, a secure route.  Or we can choose Path (B).  Unknown, uncharted territory.  It can be scary, nerve wracking, even intimidating.  Most times we allow that fear to keep us from exploring and experiencing something new.  We often choose the safest trail and we know the end result so we take it anyway.  It may not be the result that will lead you to your destination, but it’s good enough.  That day, I asked Rene to explore with me the unknown path and see where it would lead.  I made a game of it with him.  As we explored we found the most amazing little spot with a gazebo, a small pond filled with lily pads and beautiful birds on the grounds.  It was so beautiful.  We knew the other path and what was on it and it was nothing compared to this one.  We picked a little spot and just laid in the grass looking up at the amazingly tall skinny trees and the clouds.  In that brief moment all the worries and stress escaped our minds.  We found that peace I needed and he needed too.  As I’m on my journey with God, I have found myself at the FORK leading me to different paths.  I’ve at times wanted to go the safest known route but God leads me into new territories.  God has lead me down a path that at times has been scary and intimidating, but God knows exactly where I need to be, so I follow.  And every time I follow His direction, I come across something so amazingly beautiful.  I have found peace when I needed it and I have learned to let go and let Him direct my ways. Don’t allow the What Ifs to keep you from making your choices when you reach the fork in your journey.  Trust in God and let Him direct your paths.


Psst…God Loves You

“I have taught you in the way of wisdom;  I have led you in right paths.  When you walk, your steps will not be hindered, and when you run, you will not stumble.”  Proverbs 4:11-12



Sometimes you just have to lay in the grass, look up to the clouds and just be silly…XOXO…Ileen

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