From Negative to Positive


“The MIND is a terrible thing to waste.”  Now how many times have we heard that infamous phrase there?  Our minds are filled with so many thoughts each day.  Some of us, like myself, suffer from an over active mind.  I am constantly thinking of what I can do next, creative ideas and topics, recipes, you name it, I’m probably already thinking about it.  In all that thinking, there is still room for those nasty ugly negative thoughts.  Those thoughts that can break me to pieces and make me feel insecure.  The “I can’t” and “What ifs” start to plague my mind with negative thought after another.  These thoughts can become crippling.  In an instant, we can go from having a great day to one negative thought into having the worse day ever.  We allow the fear and insecurities to take over our minds.  It’s not that we ourselves are weak, but we allow our minds to weaken with just a small criticism thrown our way.  It’s in these moments of weakness that we can fall into depression, anxiety, stress, sadness, fear and even illness.  We must correct our minds and create a strong mind.  A mind that focuses on the positive things in life and pushes away the negative.  I have suffered from days where I’m in so much pain my mind tells me to just give up.  My mind tells me there’s no hope and I start to feel the stress building.  It’s in these moments I have found myself seeking God for strength.  Not just inner strength or physical strength but mental strength.  I read my bible or one of my many Christian based books or I listen to my worship music.  I seek God for peace.  I seek Him for strengthening of my mind.  God reminds me that despite the amount of pain I am in, He has not left my side.  He sends me loving caring people that offer any assistance or remedy to help me.  He shows me His love and that He is taking care of me.  God lifts me up when my mind is weak and fills me with positive thoughts.  God reminds me that I am stronger than the pain I am suffering from.  He reminds me it will not last forever.  God will always be there to help clear your mind from all the clutter and negativeness.  He will take your negative and change it to a positive.  Seek Him and watch how your “I Can’t” becomes “I Can”.


Psst…God Loves You

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Romans 12:2


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