Tired and Discouraged


Growing tired of the same old issues can easily lead us to feelings of discouragement and hopelessness.  We start to grow weary focusing on all the negative issues that we lose sight of the positive things that are going on all around us.  It’s so easy to shine the spotlight on our problems and forget the world around us.  We allow all the little things to become huge issues that tear us down…mentally…physically…emotionally.  I suffer from herniated torn disk on my lower spine.  It becomes extremely painful and there are days where I can barely walk unable to take care of myself.  I get emotional and feel helpless and at times hopeless.  Just like you, I allow those emotions to sometimes overwhelm me and beat me down.  I can easily just sit complaining having a pity party all by myself.  But what’s the point?  Does it change my circumstance? No.  Does it take the pain away?  No.  Does it make me feel better emotionally or physically?  Definitely Not.  There’s no point in me having this awful attitude towards anyone else because I suffer from painful back issues.  It’s no ones fault.  When I’m able to go to work, I show up with a smile on my face despite the amount of pain I’m in.  I greet everyone each morning and I don’t allow my pain to be reflected in my attitude towards others.  Many of us suffer from something painful in our lives.  It may not always be a physical pain but there is pain causing a roller coaster of emotions.  Despite all this pain, we should rise each morning with a grateful attitude for the blessing of a new day.  God provides the strength to overcome even the most painful situations.  God gives us a new day where we can start fresh.  God gives us chance after chance as the sun rises each day to begin anew.  Yet sometimes we take this for granted. Don’t allow yourself to continue being tired and discouraged.  I encourage you to wake up each morning with a refreshed mind, hopeful and trusting that God will strengthen you and fill you with a peaceful heart.


Psst…God Loves You

“My flesh and my heart fail;  But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”            Psalm 73:26


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