Look…a Distraction!


Oh how easy it is to get lost in distractions.  I’m quick to get distracted when it’s time for me to get to work sometimes.  I have those moments where I just can’t get myself focused.  I’m like that dog on the movie UP that says, “Squirrel!” and he drifts off and loses his focus.  Any and everything you can imagine can easily pull me away from my primary focus.  Tonight I sat down to start working on my blog.  “Squirrel!” Then I decided, wait maybe I should study a chapter from the bible.  “Squirrel!” Then I thought, hummm, I need to finish up the questionnaire for my Christian Life Coach course.  “Squirrel!” Then my mind drifted off into La La land.  I couldn’t get centered on anything.  My mind was all over the map.  It’s like my mind wants me to do a multitude of things at once and in the end nothing was getting done.  I had to cut out all distractions.  No TV.  No Facebook.  No Google.  No cell phone.  I put my earphones on and started to listen to Plumb and put all my focus on my writing.  Sometimes we allow the noise all around us to keep us from getting focused on God.  We allow all these distractions to keep us from truly centering our heart and mind on God.  A few weeks ago I had to learn to sit in total silence and meditate.  I wanted to sit in prayer then meditate on what I had prayed on.  I knew that I would not get my answers if I was too busy with everything else and not allowing that quiet time between me and God.  By not allowing yourself to get centered and focused, all those distractions will keep you from fulfilling your ultimate goal.  By not allowing yourself that quiet time with God, those distractions will keep you from hearing God’s direction.


Psst…God Loves You

“You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trust in You.”        Isaish 26:3


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