All Talk…No Action.


Do you have FAITH?  Most of you will answer YES.  Yes you believe in God.  Yes you believe He is there for you.  Yes you have faith in Him.  So how often do you ACT on your faith in God?  Are you putting actions behind your words?  Are you truly giving it to God when you say you are or are you still holding on believing you can do it on your own?   My faith was tested a few months ago.  I always encourage my boys, my husband, family and friends to trust in God and let Him be your guidance.  Well!  God revealed to me I was all talk and no action.  I sat home contemplating whether or not I’d follow through with something God had put on my heart and deep in my mind.  I looked for every out and every what if.  The tension grew heavier in my shoulders, in my head and I was so restless each night.  It was until I put ALL my trust in God and put action behind my faith that I found my peace.  I stopped questioning God and instead I said, “I will do this God.  I trust you will provide and you will guide me since I have no clue what I’m doing here.  I know you aren’t taking me down a road that’s not good for me or my family.”  You see, that tension, that restless feeling in me was me not putting action behind my faith and it started to overwhelm me.  Until I trusted God 100%, not 90%, not 98% but 100% I started to see a difference.  I felt better.  I didn’t worry anymore and I went from anxious to excited and thrilled to be going on a new venture.  Trust in God and put action behind your faith.  The next time you tell God you are giving it all to Him…let go 100%.


Psst…God Loves You

“Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by actions, is dead.”  James 2:17



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