IMPOSSIBLE is just a word for giving up


Happy Easter everyone!  I pray that as you celebrated the rising of our savior you had a blessed day with your loved ones.

Yesterday my 14 year old shared with me something he had thought of.  He is funny, because he prepared me, making it so dramatic, saying what he was about to tell me was deep. So of course I’m intrigued and dying to know what is this deep thought of his.  He says, “Impossible is just a word for giving up”.  WOW!  I am always teaching my kids about being positive and proactive.  I always teach them to keep shooting for their goals and not give up.  I was first of all proud that my son felt it so important to share his thoughts with me.  Secondly, I was proud that I can see he is listening to me.  He himself saw how negative thoughts, such as seeing things being impossible, are just excuses to simply give up.  Imagine had God just given up on us.  Imagine had He never sent His son to be born to save us.  Imagine had Jesus given up when the devil tempted Him so many times.  Just imagine for a minute that Jesus opted not to follow through with the sacrifice He was to make because He felt it was impossible to ever save us from our sins.  God didn’t give up on us and sent us His only son.  Jesus never gave up on us even after spending 33 years on this earth seeing how the people had become.  God believes in each and every one of us.  He believes we can change.  He forgives us even if we don’t deserve it.  He loves us even when we are hurting and angry towards Him.  He doesn’t see it impossible for us to change our hearts and minds.  He continues believing in us.  Just because things seem impossible, do not give up.  Trust in God to see you through it all.  Stay positive and know that God is always by your side.  Don’t give up on that one person you have been praying for.  Don’t give up on yourself and any hope you have of breaking that cycle you are stuck in.  Don’t give up on your goals and dreams.  Continue pressing forward believing something amazing is up ahead.  Nothing is impossible to God…so He will never give up.


Psst…God Loves You

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”  Luke 18:27

“IMPOSSIBLE is just a word for giving up.”  J. Bocanegra


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