Embarrassing Scars


The scars left behind from wounds and surgeries can sometimes be a little embarrassing and too ugly to let anyone see.  The healing of the scars isn’t always flattering.  I have scars on my right shoulder from an injury I sustained in an auto accident.  I had my right shoulder rotator cuff repaired and because they had to go in and do some additional work on my shoulder, I was left with a large ugly scar that did not heal well. I had always been embarrassed of anyone seeing it.  I never liked wearing anything sleeveless for this reason.  Sometimes the scars we are most embarrassed about or just don’t want anyone to see the ugliness left behind are emotional scars.  Not so much a physical scar.  We hide those emotional scars because we don’t want anyone to know what happened or we are simply afraid of what others may think.  We should never be ashamed of the scars left behind from past injuries, whether physical or emotional.  Our scars are reminders of the healing that God has done in our lives…on our bodies.  About a year ago I actually was more open to showing people my scars.  I got past that embarrassment.  I was told once that the scars left behind from my accident were nothing to be ashamed of.  I had survived an accident that could have easily turned out completely different.  They were right.  I had spent a few years so worried about what everyone else thought, that I had lost sight of the fact that the arm I once could not use much was now healing.  I was too focused on the physical image that I lost sight of that fact that God had been healing my shoulder after my surgery.  I was now able to use my arm with minor pain.  When someone hurts us, it’s hard to get over that pain.  It’s difficult sometimes to open up to anyone because we are too ashamed.  God will heal the aches and pain, the scars and injuries and bring you comfort.  He will give you freedom from your brokenness.  Don’t spend one more day allowing the scars left behind to prevent you from becoming whole once again.  Seek God for comfort and healing.  He will give you the courage to reach out to someone.  Just like that person gave me words of encouragement, God will lead you to someone to give you those comforting encouraging words to help you heal from your pain and suffering.


Psst…God Loves You

“Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.”  Psalm 30:2



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