Stay Humble


Reaching our goals can sometimes cloud our judgement.  We spend months, even years working hard at something and finally reach that point of success.  For some, the moment they reach the pinnacle of success they allow their success to go to their head.  Today I was watching something online and learned about this King that was winning battle after battle.  At one point he acknowledged that he himself was no longer being humble.  He was allowing his defeats over other countries to build up his ego.  He realized that the life he lived was a life that God had given him.  He acknowledged that all his success was from God and that he could not lose sight of that. As I watched I thought about how we, today, handle success.  Egos start to grow big and we begin to boast about our accomplishments.  We lose sight of who we truly are.  You deserve to be proud of your success but don’t allow your success to take over who you are.  Humble yourselves even after you have reached your goals.  Always remember to be humble in all your success.  Don’t lose sight of what it took to get you where you are at now and be thankful to God for getting you there.  Don’t stop praying and thanking God just because you reached the pinnacle of your success.  Acknowledge God in all you do.  Think of others before you think of yourself.  Continue to keep God first in all you do.


Psst…God Loves You

“When pride comes, then comes shame;  But with the humble is wisdom.”  Proverbs 11:2


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