Running on Fumes


Ever feel like you are steadily running here and there and everywhere and all of a sudden it’s as if you are running on fumes?  Before you know it, all that energy you started off with withers away and now you are just exhausted, achy, you can’t think straight and all you want to do is just hide somewhere nice and quiet and relax.  Yeah…that has been me these last few days.  I’ve literally ran myself ragged, that last night I couldn’t get a clear thought to do my blog.  Today the achy tired feeling was worse and by the time I was done at the office all I wanted to do was go home and crawl into bed.  I put too much on my plate this week and it’s now affecting me in many ways.  Including my health.  I didn’t need to start painting my office this week and I can keep going on with all the projects I honestly didn’t need to start this week.  But sometimes we get stubborn and feel we can do it all and while we are at it, heck, why not save the world too.  Now where is my pink cape at?  But in all seriousness, sometimes we fill our plate with more than we can handle and leave little room for God.  Despite how tired and sick I was feeling today, I found my strength in God.  I made it a point to go to bible study tonight at church and boy, was that the best dose of relaxation and healing I needed.  I knew that if I could make time for everything else, there was no excuse why I couldn’t make time for God.  Prioritizing our daily task and projects can sometimes be the  most difficult thing for us to do.  We believe we can handle it all but in reality we need to take a step back and create a list of what’s most important to get completed and go from there.  We need to remember even God took a day off to rest.  He created a plan on exactly what He would do each day as He created our Earth and heaven.  So we too need to allow our bodies to rest, recoup and recharge.  We should set our time aside with God…and not give Him the last of our exhausted day when we are quick to just knock out halfway through our prayers.  Believe that the time you spend with God will not only recharge you, it will fill you with the strength and endurance you need to fulfill you daily task.


Psst…God Loves You

“He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases their strength.”    Isaiah 40:29


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