I Will Trust In You


Today driving home from work I was sitting in traffic listening to Lauren Daigle singing “Trust In You”.   As I was listening and of course singing up the top of my lungs, I was thinking of my own personal circumstances.  How much do I trust in God when things get tough?  When things don’t go as I planned?  When disappointments come banging on my door?  I have felt discouraged many times and I have been disappointed more times than I’d like.  Through all this, I feel those human emotions of hurt and pain, anger and frustration.  But despite all my hurt, here I was singing to God, “Trust In You” with all my might.  When God doesn’t give me the answers when I sit crying night after night, I still sing to Him and keep my trust in Him.  I don’t give up on Him.  I keep believing that He is still working on my behalf.  Life won’t always go just how we want or plan.  Relationships won’t always go as our hearts desire.  Sometimes we will face those difficult situations head on.  We can’t allow these difficult circumstances to define us and break us.  Despite any hurt I may feel, I wake up each day thankful to God for all He continues doing in my life.  I thank Him for loving me and for giving me the strength to not give up when my flesh is telling me to.  I continue writing to not just be an encouragement to others but also to myself.  I continue doing what God has put in my heart to do with the same fire I started with.  God doesn’t need to split the waters to get me to trust in Him.  He doesn’t need to move mountains to get me to believe in Him.  When I am weary and don’t feel I can hold on anymore, I find my rest in God.  He is always by my side giving me the courage to stand strong against everything that comes against me.  I continue to sing with all my might, “I will trust in You!”  God will always be your strength if you just seek Him first.  Put God before your circumstances.  Trust God to lift you up out of that pit of pain and disappointment.  Allow God to fill your heart with his loving grace and peace.  God will renew your strength and He will walk beside you supporting you along the way.


Psst…God Loves You

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.  In God, whose word I praise – In God I trust and am not afraid.”  Psalm 56:3-4



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