Faith and Love


A few nights ago I was crawling into bed pretty late and I still wasn’t sleepy.  I decided to scroll through Facebook.  I came across a shared post about a mom telling her story of what her and her husband were facing with their son.  My heart ached for her as I read her post.  I was moved by her courage and her faith.  Her son had gone in to get a procedure done which led to a severe infection that has him now connected to tubes, fighting for his life.  You could feel her pain as she explained in detail what had occurred.  As a mom, a parent, I know all too well how painful it is to have your children sick to the point that doctors are fearing the worse.  It’s a pain unlike any other.  You are helpless…lost.  Seeing your child hurting or unable to breath on their own is devastating.  But this mom said something that truly taught me a lesson on faith in God…and LOVE for God.  We are taught in church and it clearly states in the bible that we should love God above anything and anyone else.  Our primary relationship should be with God before our spouse and before our children.  We should put God first.  But sometimes we don’t realize that we put our spouse or our kids before God.  We put our relationships before God.  This mom has the faith that Abraham had when God asked him to sacrifice his only son Isaac.   Abraham did exactly what God has asked of him not realizing that God was testing his faith and trust in Him.  This mom has sat watching as her son struggles and fights for his life and as hurt as she is, she proclaims her love for God.  She professes her love for God by praying to Him and telling Him that despite what happens with her son, if God feels it’s time for her son to be with Him, that she and her husband would not once stop loving God and praising Him.   I can’t imagine how difficult this is for her and her husband.  It’s so beautiful to see how faithful she continues to be.  She does not allow, what is any mother’s nightmare, to tear her away from God or to break her faith down.  That’s what Faith and Love is all about.  It’s about sacrificing.  It’s about putting God first and trusting Him despite what the outcome may be.  We won’t always get our way and when this happens, we too should stand strong in our faith.  We should be brave and trust in God’s decisions and continue praising Him even through the difficult, heart wrenching times.

I pray that whatever your circumstance is right now, that you continue to stand strong in your faith and trust that God will see you through this time.  God will never leave you alone and He will always be there ready to bring you comfort and fill you with peace and His undying love.


Psst…God Loves You


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