Facing the Giants


Lately I have felt like I have been face to face to with one issue after another.  It’s felt as if everything I was working so hard for was slipping out of my hands.  Almost as if I was desperately trying to hold water in my hands.  I had put so much on my plate these past couple of weeks that by today I was ready to just run away.  Ok…maybe just hide out for a little while and just have total peace and quiet.  I was starting to feel defeated.  At work, in my personal work at home, anything I put my hands to.  During my lunch break I decided to pop in a Joyce Meyer CD as I drove out for lunch.  I started to listen to what she was saying about when those moments in life come where we just want to run away from life…from our problems instead of facing them.  That’s exactly how I felt.  I was allowing myself to feel defeated and broken.  I was letting all those giants coming against me to defeat me and intimidate me.  But what I needed to do was face the giants.  Not run away from them.  I needed to be brave like David and stand firm and confident against all my Goliaths.

Many times in life we feel overwhelmed and defeated by all those giants that we face daily.  We want the easy way out and to just run from them vs standing against them and doing what it takes to defeat them.  Running from our problems doesn’t solve a thing.  If anything you are pretty much just sweeping the dirt under the rug.  But the minute you pull that rug up, the floor will be covered in layers and layers of dirt and junk.  I’m not saying it will be easy but what I am saying is that when I turned to God today He showed me exactly where I was being wrong.  He revealed to me what I needed to do vs what my flesh was telling me to do.   He took away the anxiety I was starting to feel and he renewed my heart and my mind.  God made me stronger than what I felt I could be.  I sometimes need to be reminded of the strength and courage God gives me.  He created in me a mighty warrior.  A strong woman to stand up against all those trying moments.  He has been preparing me all these years for the difficult times I would be facing.  I have fought my bears and lions in my past.  How could I not be courageous to stand tall against what ever battles come my way?  I’m grateful that I can turn to God and I know He is always there for me when I start feeling defeated.  God encourages me to keep moving forward.  I know there will be days filled with big ol giants ready to take me down.  But I also know that I have a God greater and bigger than any of those giants and He has given me the courage to stand firm against those giants.  God doesn’t abandon us…He wants us to stand tall and strong against every obstacle we face.  God wants us to be courageous and not run away from our problems.  He wants us to trust in Him with every part of our lives.  He wants us to turn to Him for a solution.  Isn’t it awesome just knowing how faithful God is to us.

I pray that what ever giants you are facing today, that you can stand strong and courageous ready to conquer those giants.  Believe that God is with you and trust in Him with every decision, every issue, every giant.


psst…God Loves You

“I keep my eyes always on the Lord, with him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”  Psalm 16:7


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