Baggage Claim


When I show up to the office, I walk in fully loaded, carrying all my bags.  I have my big purse, my big bag with my books, bible, notebooks, mail and then I have my lunch bag.  I’ve been known to even show up with up to four bags.  You would think I was moving into my office or something.  But I carry these bags because they hold my life in them.  Okay maybe NOT my life, but they hold what’s important to me that I MUST travel with.

As I walked into the office today I had a thought.  We carry loads of baggage in our lives just like the load I walked into work with today.  We carry with us the unforgiveness of when others hurt us.  We carry the pain and hurt from our past.  We carry the shame of things we have done.  We carry so much baggage that we don’t even realize how much it’s weighing us down.  Sometimes this baggage weighs on us so heavy that it reflects through our attitude and how we carry ourselves.  Most of the time the bags that I carry are filled with so much junk because I just don’t take the time to clean them out.  We treat our lives the same way.  In order to move forward in life, we need to stop carrying so many bags.  We need to empty those bags of all the junk that is weighing us down.  We need to start by letting go of all that unforgiveness and forgive those that have hurt us.  We should seek God to forgive us of our sins and we too should also forgive ourselves of our past failures and wrong doings.  God does not want us carrying the weight of all our sins on us.  He wants us to turn it all over to Him.   Let go of all that excess baggage and let God fill you with comfort and peace.  Embrace the life you are living today and enjoy the days that God has blessed you with.  Don’t waste one more day lugging around the weight of those bags and love this life you have been given and move forward.   Don’t you think it’s time to free yourself and just go check in those bags in baggage claim?

Heavenly Father, I thank you for releasing me from all the excess baggage I’ve been carrying around.  I thank you for all your blessings and for helping me to realize that I don’t need to carry this heavy load of baggage.  I thank you that despite what I have done in my past you never fail to show me your unfailing love and mercy.  In Jesus name I pray…Amen.


psst…God Loves You

“Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He shall sustain you;  He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.”  Psalm 55:22


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