Good Friday


“One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us!”  Luke 23:39

As we celebrate this day of Good Friday, we are reminded of the sacrifice and beautiful act of Love that one man gave for US ALL.  Jesus knew of his destiny yet never denied it or ran from it.  Jesus knew his purpose and never backed down and stood strong against all adversity until it was time.  Jesus knew exactly what his sacrifice would do for each and every one us.  But one thing some even today still question is, if he truly was the Messiah, like the one criminal asked, then why didn’t he save himself too?  

Jesus had performed miracle after miracle yet the question arose.  Were his miracles not enough evidence?  Was his character not enough?  For some maybe not.  But for many, it was more than enough.  Although the sorcerers and those alike could mimic God’s miracles and great acts as his proof of his existence, not one could surpass what God was capable of or match it to the T.  Not one man could stand tall against adversity and accept knowing his fate would be death for people he didn’t even know.  Not one man could show that unconditional unquestionable love.  Not one man stepped up to the plate to take Jesus’ place on that cross.  It was his CHOICE to fulfill that which God has prepared him for.  It was his blood that was shed for ALL our sins.  We no longer needed a lamb to sacrifice.  He became the sacrificial lamb for ALL our sins.  And because of this selfless act of courage and LOVE when he gave his life for you and me, we have been given a second chance, a third chance and more.  Mistake after mistake, when we turn to God and with a whole heart ask for His forgiveness it is given to us.  Jesus was truly the Messiah sent down to us to walk with us, talk to us, teach us and guide us.  He was the tangible living form of God and today we embrace all he sacrificed for US.  Yes he could have saved himself, but that was not the purpose of his birth and life.  He came with a destiny and he fulfilled it.  That is SACRIFICE. 

I wish each and everyone of you a blessed and happy holiday weekend as you remember and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  I encourage you to be a blessing to someone, forgive those that have hurt you, forgive that which took place in the past and forgive yourself for whatever has taken your heart captive.  We can’t undo the past but we can create a better future today by changing our focus.  We can turn our focus from the hurt and pain to the rebirth of a new day, a new life, a life of forgiveness and peace. 


psst…God Loves You

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