Utterly Perfectly Imperfect Bible Study & Ladies Luncheon

“It’s not about who I WAS but who I AM today”

Saturday was the launch of the Utterly Perfectly Imperfect Bible Study and the beginning of my Women’s Weekly Bible Study Group.  I never fathomed I’d be back leading a Women’s Bible Study Group.  But after 17 years, God placed it in my heart to lead a bible study group once again.  Saturday afternoon I was blessed to be standing before a group of beautiful women in my back yard surrounded by our beautiful garden my hubby worked so hard on.  I was nervous all week long and anxious.  I feared no one would come then I feared I would be a total bore.  I worried people wouldn’t come because they were still focused on who I WAS and not who I AM today.   As the days grew closer I found myself praying day and night for comfort, courage and peace of mind and I noticed I was slowly becoming more at peace.  I went LIVE on Facebook a few days earlier and broke my first fear.  I was trying my very best to not allow this fear to keep me from doing this.  I wasn’t about to allow fear to control my thoughts and the work God had placed in my heart not to be completed.  I stepped out in faith and as I did God reminded me of one thing.  If I just sent the invites, made the study guide packets, put together this luncheon and just prepare everything, He would send the ladies to me.  And guess what?  God did just that!  The turn out was GREAT!  And the day could not have been more perfect that even a hummingbird graced us with his presence.  God put together the most incredible day with the most precious women, friends and family.  My fear was gone.  My worries erased.  I stood before this beautiful group of women and held my first bible study.  I saw on Saturday the beginning of an amazing part of my journey with God.  I am excited to see where God will lead me and I am even more excited to follow.  Because I stepped out in faith and trusted in God and followed His vision for my life, this group of beautiful women came together in fellowship and to learn about the life of a fearless woman named Rahab and how to turn their focus from Flaw to Faith.

I pray that whatever is hindering your ability to step out in faith today, that today, that chain is broken.    Thank you for all your wonderful support.  May God bless the precious journey you are on today.




psst…God Loves You

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