Through The Wilderness


It’s been such a peaceful morning on this Monday morning.  I started my day in prayer asking God to lead me.  I prayed for wisdom and His guidance so that when I started my day I wasn’t just lost into a pile of chores.  I’d been losing days just catching up with chores to do around the house and not doing my actual work.  Somehow I was losing my OOMPH for writing.  I’d sit here at my desk every morning but the words just weren’t flowing.  I was lost for words.  My thoughts were cluttered making no sense at all.  I literally was LOST.  Lost in my own wilderness.  I needed a map from God.  I needed a schedule.  I needed God to give me MY To Do List.  And above all, I needed to learn to discipline myself with my time.

Have you ever felt this way?  So lost that you just don’t know what to do next?  Confused unable to make a much needed decision?  Or maybe just flat out need someone to give you YOUR To Do List?  Lost in your wilderness?

After breakfast I pulled open my bible and started reading about when Moses was bringing the Israelites out of Egypt.  God was with them the entire journey and even took them the long route.  The longer route meant going through the wilderness.  I can tell you when God takes you through the wilderness something good will come out of it.  I’m sure the Israelites were scared and worried but God never once left their side.  It’s so beautiful seeing how God just thought of everything when He lead their way.  In Exodus 13:21-22 it says, “By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night.  Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.”  God supplied the Israelites not only with the direction in which to go, He guided them and provided light amidst the dark wilderness.  He not only gave them a way in which to go, He provided them with all the means necessary for their journey.  I’m sure this was comforting to them, putting them at ease knowing that God stood their with them the entire way.

You may not see God in the flesh, but He is with you guiding your every step.  God doesn’t ever abandon us.  He provides the means necessary for our own journeys.  God led me to this part of the bible because I asked Him for guidance.  And where does He take me to?  Straight to the part where He guides and provides the Israelites with a way and the means.  He reassured me that I was going to be okay.  He gave me my OOMPH back that I needed so I could write.  God reminded me that there is no wilderness too dark, no path too long, no journey we can not travel.  He is with us every step of the way.  He is providing us with the maps, the direction, the guidance and wisdom to pursue our dreams, our goals, our missions in life.  We just need to trust in Him and ask Him to lead the way.  My friends, know that God is with you on this beautiful journey you are on.  And on those dark days where you feel lost in the wilderness, know that God will light your way and be with you every step of the way.


psst…God Loves You


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