Beauty Beyond The Mask Bible Study Guide

Beauty Beyond The Mask Cover Page

Hello Everyone!  During last week’s bible study I realized I need to post the bible study for the week the day of our get together with all our girlfriends.  During our Girlfriends, Coffee & Jesus time, it’s nice to have a copy of the study guide to read along as the study is given.  I truly do apologize it ONLY took me a few months to catch on. LOL  However, I am excited with this series, Beauty Beyond The Mask.

Tonight we wrap up our series Beauty Beyond The Mask with an incredible message and study on The Book of Esther.  Tonight’s study, “Unveiling Our Identity” is an amazing study guide where we will learn from Esther, how through the unveiling of her identity, she was able to step in and fulfill the purpose God had for her.  And we are the same way!  Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and remove all our mask of pain, unforgiveness, rejection and our identity in order to step into the role God intended for us.  By masking who we are, we aren’t allowing ourselves to truly accept and love the person God created in us.  We are spending more time trying to fit into everyone else’s standards and not being the unique one of kind treasure we were created as.  Join me tonight’s at 7pm cst, as my girlfriends and I get together with a hot cup of coffee and a whole lot a Jesus.  Cause that’s just how we love spending our GNO (Girl’s Night Out) together.  6103a046d924b6d0367dd53d8e3ae9d9

Click on the links below for your copy of our entire Bible Study Series, Beauty Beyond The Mask.  (FREE!)


psst…God Loves You

Beauty Beyond The Mask Part I

Beauty Beyond The Mask II

Beauty Beyond The Mask III

Beauty Beyond The Mask Part IV

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