Gather at the table


I’m sitting here at the dining table editing my book while my husband is eating lunch across me.  And off to my right hand, my 16 year old is working on Algebra 2 recapping for the upcoming school year.  He enjoyed his two months off from school. But now the time has come for my little procrastinator to read a book and work on a couple school projects during these next two weeks.

As I’m sitting here I just can’t help but smile.  I’m thinking of last night’s dinner.  We were all gathered at the table having dinner when the discussion was brought up by my 21 year old about faith.  Church.  Religion.  And what it means to follow God.  Our 16 year old chimed in with his comments and so the conversation just took off.  My husband, boys and I just sat around the dining table just talking away about God and what it means to each of us to follow God vs Religion.  Our boys have learned from our actions and what they learn at church, that it’s one thing to go to church.  It’s another to be the church.  It’s one thing to follow religion.  But it’s following Christ.  Following God that is the ultimate goal.  Not for a final prize of entering those beautiful pearly gates.  But to follow God simply because we love him and want to.  With no other motives.  But simply love God.  Accept him into our hearts and lives.  Putting God before everything else and trusting in him with our lives.

When I see this dining table.  I see more than a place to gather around to enjoy a meal.  It’s become the place where we enjoy peaceful moments of writing.  Quiet moments of studying.  And amazing  conversations on a Friday night.  Our little family could be anywhere doing any number of things on this Friday night, but we were home enjoying our meal and time talking about God.  My heart just jumps with joy when I see moments like this.  Gathered at the table.  A table designed to sit at to enjoy meals has become a place to join and commune.  Whether with our children or friends and family that visit, our dining table is a place where delicious meals are enjoyed and incredible conversations are had.  It’s the place I sat at to tell mom in tears that I had chosen a journey with God to teach and minister to women.  It’s the place where my oldest son came and told me he was ready to propose to his now wife.  It’s the same place where bible studies come to life on days I need a change of pace from my office.  The place we gather to talk God.

I think of how Jesus sat around a table with his disciples talking God.  They ate around that very table and Jesus taught them so many valuable lessons.  I want to believe when we commune and gather at the table, it’s so Jesus can speak to us and teach us.  Without realizing it, we have been doing the very same thing.  Not with intentions to follow Christ’s every move.  But simply because it just feels right.  It’s home.  It’s more than just a dining table.  So next time you gather at the table, just take a look around and cherish those moments you spend with your family.  I have always been that firm believer we should all sit and gather at the table for our meals.  Take those moments to spend together.  Gathered in one place enjoying more than just a meal.  Cherish those moments.  Those moments of lessons learned.  Those memorable moments that happen when you gather at the table.


Psst…God Loves You

“So then, my brothers and sisters, when you gather to eat, you should all eat together.”    1 Corinthians 11:33


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