The Mouse and the Lions


“If God is for us, who can be against us?”  Romans 8:31

When opposition comes against us, let us stand tall and courageous knowing that God is with us in every situation. He will equip you. He will protect you. And He will make you an overcomer of your circumstances.

Remember Goliath? No one could stand against him. No army could defeat him. But when David approached Goliath he tells Goliath with all confidence and faith, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord almighty”.   Talk about being BOLD!  COURAGEOUS!  David didn’t care that he was just a shepherd boy.  He surely didn’t care he wasn’t trained to fight.  He refused all the gear and armor the king tried to give him.  He went out there with three things.  A slingshot, a sack of rocks and his FAITH!  WOW!  And he WON!  This isn’t some fairy tale story with a happy ending.  No!  This is truth!  God’s truth.

This is how we should stand up against our own circumstances and opposition.  Against our own fears.  God didn’t create us to be afraid.  He created us to be brave.  It takes our Faith in God to stand tall against those tough circumstances we face in life.   When our goals, visions and dreams seem impossible.  When God is for us, that alone tells us there is no one, nothing, that can prevail over us.  That can keep us from fulfilling our destiny.  God is our strength.  Our Savior.

I told Rene the other day. I feel like a tiny little mouse surrounded by roaring lions.  My voice is so small right now.  Not because I am a quiet person but because not many hear me yet.  But one day, I too will roar.  But for now, I am pleased to know if just one person hears my squeak.  At one time I believed that maybe I was wasting my breathe and time writing blogs.  Discouragement would set in.  I wondered if anyone cared to listen. To read.  But when I see visitors now from different countries reading my blogs, following Instagram and Twitter, I realize I am wrong.  I’m not wasting my breathe or time.  God shows me that I may feel like a tiny mouse with a squeak, but I am roaring already.  I am a lion.  My roar is growing.  It takes time.  It takes dedication and perseverance.  And it takes FAITH and TRUST in God.

Don’t give up on your dreams, visions and or goals.  Keep pushing forward.  You aren’t the tiny mouse with a squeak.  You are the lion.  A lion with a roar.  Remember, who is for you.  Don’t allow naysayers keep you from your destiny.  From your purpose in life.  Don’t allow opposition to keep you from fulfilling your task.  Don’t let doubt stop you.


psst…God Loves You

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