psst…God Loves You

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday Everyone! Sometimes we need that little reminder that God Loves Us. My blog was created with those four little words that mean a great deal. ‪Those four little words whispered to me were a reminder I needed that day.   
That little whisper that says psst…God Loves You. He loves you just as you are.  Sometimes that’s all we need to keep is going. That reassurance that God loves us, no matter what.
Be that friend, that family member that shares that whisper of hope, faith and His unconditional love. Whisper those words of truth. Share with those around you that yes, God does love them. You never know what they are facing today. Maybe it’s a loss of hope. Maybe it’s that feeling of being unloved. Rejected. Remind others just how valuable they truly are.  

psst…God Loves You

#love #faith #psstgodlovesyou #unconditionallove 

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  1. Coralie Boutin says:

    Hello. I like very much your picture in pink “pss Jésus loves you “. Could I post this picture on my profile banner of Twitter ? Thank you by advance for tour return.

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  2. Hi Coralie! Please enjoy sharing the psst…God Loves You logo ❤️. God bless you!


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