Another sleepless night

Good Morning Everyone. This has been such a difficult time as many of you have by now seen the devestation our great city and surrounding areas have been facing.  Rene and I have been fortunate enough to have seen the waters recede just feet from entering our home yesterday.  With furniture stacked on blocks and our belongings in plastic containers stacked up high throughout our house, we continue to watch the levels around us praying for more relief.  

It’s 5:30 am and I have been awake for about 2 hrs now, unable to rest.  The rain steadily coming  down nonstop now.  I lay here in tears with this ache in my heart for all those suffering right now waiting to be rescued.  I keep thinking of the families, children, elderly, pets that are waiting cold and wet to be taken to higher ground.  I cry just seeing the great outpour of support from people giving so selflessly to rescue day and night, in the cold waters.  Many have nothing to eat or very little. Many have nowhere to sleep.  

Rene and I remember being in this same situation when we stood in nearly 4 feet of water with a newborn and two little boys afraid we would drown during Allison.  But God sent us a boat in the middle of the night and rescued us.  When I see the images on tv and social media, I feel so helpless.  But I know how powerful prayer is.  So I pray.  I pray with tears.  I pray with all my might and I know God hears me.  He hears us all and although some may feel God has abandoned them, I know He has not.  

I want to run and do more but we can’t being trapped surrounded by a lake of water.  So we pray fevereshly.  Join me in prayer for the people in Houston and neigboring cities as well as all the other cities in Texas affected so greatly by Hurricane Harvey.  For those of you that can donate, please follow the links below to make a contribution or to volunteer at one of the churches in our area.  

I know God has not abandoned us. I trust God is with us in every moment.  I see God’s presence through the eyes of every man and woman that have given so selflessly to help rescue those in need, to help feed those without, to clothe and provide shelter.  I see God in every prayer  and thoughts of hope sent our way.  I see God through every contribution made.   I see God everywhere despite the devestation, I still see God.  

Let us continue in prayer and hope. Let us stay anchored in our faith in God. Let us hold on to his covenant made with Noah and the people.  Let us stand united and not tear others apart for what they may do or not do    Let us focus on recovery and God’s mercy.  I urge you to take this moment to pray for everyone in the path of this storm. 

I pray for Louisiana as the brace for this storm. With their rescue team here in Houston and now they too prepare for the impact, we must lift them up in prayer.  And the teams here helping our city. 

I want to thank every person for your prayers, assistance, donations and all those that continue to work feverishly to rescue.  God bless you and your families.  God bless us all.

Donations can be made by going to the following links.  As members of Lakewood Church we are sharing links to our church Lakewood Church as well as local churches that will begin relief efforts.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  May God Bless You.  ❤️


psst…God Loves You

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