No Way…No How

Imagine living to 90 years of age.  Better yet.  Now imagine living to 90 and finding out you are about to be pregnant.  Shocker right?!  The first thing coming to mind is, No WAY!  Heck no! It’s impossible!  But just imagine with me for a bit God is the one telling you this.  Would you question him?  How would you react?  Talk about being in utter disbelief right.  
This week I decided I was going to start studying the bible from Genesis all the way through Revelation. Not something I had ever done before. Usually I just studied certain books or chapters randomly throughout the bible. But this time I wanted to get more in depth with my studies.  

So here I am reading when I come across Abraham and Sarah’s story.  God had made a promise to Abraham that Sarah, his wife, would finally give him a son in her 90s.  And when Sarah heard this she literally busted out laughing in disbelief.  I can inagine she was all like, “Uh yeah right.  I don’t think so.”   She was past her child bearing years so yeah, she couldn’t believe what she had heard.  In Genesis 18:12 it says, “So Sarah laughed to herself as she THOUGHT, “After I am worn out and my lord is old (cause Abraham is now 100 at this point) will I now have this pleasure?”  She questioned God!  She couldn’t imagine her in her 90s and he at 100 now starting a family.  Clearly they weren’t in their prime.  

I know that would be something incredibly amazing for me to wrap my head around.  Now adays they make a big deal if you want to have children in your 40s.  As if that’s old.  Uhum, let me clear my throat here a bit people.  In defense of all those in your 40s, we are still rocking and young. And not just at heart.  40s today is like being in your 30s.  But anyway, back to Sarah.   

So Sarah is shocked and God heard her!  Mind you it says, “as she THOUGHT”.  She didn’t speak out her words. She was just thinking to herself. I’m sure it wasn’t like me when I’m thinking Out Loud.  She quietly thought to herself but laughing.  She thought in disbelief. No way, no how.  She felt too old.  Like it was too late.  But God says to Abraham “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”  (Genesis 18:14)

You see when we question God with our circumstances, however great they appear to us, it’s as if we are telling God, No way and No how!  It’s us showing doubt in what God is capable of. Yet we believe He is the creator of everything in its existence including ourselves.  Yes, our circumstances can be overwhelming at times. And yes, discouragement can outweigh our faith at times.  But if we just simply go back to Genesis 18:14 where God says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”   

Let us hold onto His words. Let us hold onto the faith we have in, that our God, is far greater than any circumstance we can face in life.  God’s power is superior to anything we can fathom.  Let us hold onto our trust in Him that He will provide a means to an end to the stress and worry.  He will equip us with everything we need to accomplish that which once seemed incredibly impossible.  Even as I sit here writing this, I myself am reminded by God’s words that everything has it’s season.  I just need to continue being strong and faithful believing that what He has started in me will come to fruit.  The harvest time isn’t far away.   But first I must be patient and faithful.   Let us all plan for a bountiful harvest as the season nears for each one us.  For all the seeds we have planted will be yielding a harvest like no other.  This is our time to reap the reward.  


psst…God Loves You 

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