In Due Season

Good Morning Everyone and HAPPY Saturday and HAPPY 2nd Day of Fall!!!! Yesterday I kicked off the fall season with a yummy brunch for my girls.  My mom, sister and nieces joined me for some spiced peach & spiced apple topped waffles.  I learned that my niece was more excited about the fall season than I am.  So this was the perfect brunch for her. 

And FALL is also my favorite time of the year.  The sweet savory aroma of cinnamon and apples fills the air.  Crisp leaves in hues of orange, reds and yellows dancing in the air.  Cool crisp mornings and evenings of hot cocoa by the fire.  And let’s not forget stargazing nights while toasting marshmallows on a stick. For me, Fall is also a new season of spicing things up around here other than just peaches and apples.  A time for new projects.  

While many do home touch ups and projects during Spring, my season for change around here is Fall.  I love seeing God’s creations take their course in change.  It’s a majestic piece of art in full transformation.  And it’s all so awe inspiring which kicks off my desire to make changes inside our home.   

Every season comes with its own blessings. And during some seasons, the blessings aren’t quickly so visible.  The projects I take on can be the same.  Sometimes the finish seems more impossible than visible.  Sometimes the season comes with hardships. Difficult moments.  We want to see the change but that change requires patience and endurance.  And it’s not always easy to be so patient and understanding.  When I take on projects, those too require my patience.  I can be so fired up starting but sometimes leave those projects undone.  Why? Because they get difficult or tiresome.  Ever go through this?  You get fired up but the moment it gets hard you quit?

This reminds me of my own changes.  I see the work God has been doing in me and through me.  I see His vision for me. And with this has come much much patience and that need for strength renewal each morning I arise.  I see the struggles and have those moments where the difficulties outweigh my own understanding.  In these moments I seek God to renew my strength so I can keep pushing forward through those trying times.  When I lack courage I ask Him to renew my courage. When I lack vision, I ask God to show me His visions for my life.  And when I feel like just giving up because all these projects in my life don’t seem to get any closer to completion, God shows me the wonderful progress I have been making.  Just because I can’t see the results I WANT just yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t getting done.  

I encourage you this morning to not give up on those projects that seem impossible.  Don’t give up on the visions God had placed in your heart. You may believe the vision is for today but God’s visions aren’t on our time.  They are on His.  In due season. When He knows we are ready for the changes of the coming season.  Enjoy this time. Enjoy this season you are in and enjoy every project as you pursue the dreams God placed in your heart.  


psst…God Loves You

” So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians 4:18

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