Beautifully Restored Bible Study – “The Sinful Woman”


Hello everyone!  I am so excited to FINALLY…yes I finally got back to work after taking a few weeks off from my weekly bible studies.  It seemed like ever since Hurricane Harvey, I just could not get myself together.  But thank God my laptop is up and running and I did not lose a single document.  WOOHOO!  Thank you Jesus!

Ladies, I am happy to bring you tonight’s bible study guide, Beautifully Restored.  Tonight we will be reading in the book of Luke chapter 7 verses 36-50.  I look forward to you all joining me tonight as we discuss what it means to be Beautifully Restored.  For weeks now I have been thinking of the blog, “Beautifully Restored” I wrote back on February 26,  2016.  Something about this blog was calling out to me.  It was as if God was telling me, this message needs to be taught.  I started thinking of the restoration process so many on in right now with their homes and lives from Hurricane Harvey.  As I sat thinking of all this, God spoke to me.  There was more restoration that is being needed all around and beyond the walls of our homes and business.  Restoration in our lives.

All this led to me studying the story of this beautiful woman that everyone simply saw as a broken mess.  The Sinful Woman.  Geeze, such a horrible title to walk around with.  I can just imagine this woman walking around constantly with her head down so no one would take notice of her.  Just so many things ran across my mind when I imagined her brokenness and hurt.  The shame she must have felt.

Tonight we will learn more about this woman I see as a beautiful treasure awaiting her restoration.  You can simply click on the link below to download your copy of tonight’s bible study guide.  Join me on Facebook at the Girlfriends, Coffee & Jesus page.

Beautifully Restored Bible Study

I love you ladies and pray you continue to have a blessed and wonderful evening.


psst…God Loves You

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