Women of Courage – Bible Study


723090459b976ff01588c625bdd853ff--gods-plan-bible-quotesGood Evening Ladies!  I am so excited for tonight’s bible study with you all.  I am praying over this evening and all you ladies.  When I sat to start this week’s bible study, God spoke to me.  He kept reminding me of my own lack of courage in some areas of my life.  God started speaking to me through 2 Timothy 1:6-7.  He reminded me how I needed to start fanning the flame of the precious gift He gave me.  I sometimes get discouraged but God was encouraging me.  And in doing so, He was telling me to encourage you to fan that flame within you.  Sometimes we lack courage to step forward when everything seems so uncomfortable or completely crazy.  But God reminds us of the strength He gives us, the spirit of being fearless.

I pray that tonight as you join me for this bible study, you receive that encouragement that gets your flame burning bright again.  I love you ladies and pray you each have an amazingly blessed evening.

Below is the link for tonight’s bible study guide, Women of Courage.

Women of Courage Bible Study Guide


psst…God Loves You

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