Father Knows Best

I remember growing up watching this show called Father Knows Best.  Yes, just the mere fact that I know this show and grew up watching it gives away my age.  And I am totally okay with that.  LOL  I remember this dad, so sweet yet stern when he needed to be.  His son Bud and daughters Kathy and Betty were always up to something.  Typical kids, right?! They always believed they had the answer to everything and boy did they learn a great lesson every single time.  And so did we.  I loved those wholesome shows from back then.  There were always valuable family lessons to be learned in every show.

I had just read through a series of quotes I had written for my daily devotions when this show came to mind.  It’s funny because I haven’t seen an episode in ages.  But I started to think how we are just like the Anderson kids, always thinking we know what’s best for us.  I mean seriously.   Maybe it’s that person you have had your eye on for some time now.  And you pray over and over, asking God to give you this relationship.  Or maybe it’s that promotion you have applied for time and time again.  Yet nothing happens.

I look at where I was before.  I was working in corporate world making a corporate paycheck but I wasn’t happy.  If anything, I was constantly dealing with so much stress from my job and would come home too exhausted to enjoy my evening with my family.  But in my mind, I believed this was the best for me.  I’d pray and pray to God for promotions.  Then I’d pray to God to find me a new job somewhere else.  I’d apply and nothing would happen.  Then one day God put it in my heart to do something I never once imagined I could do.  And now, when I sit here with a client, I thank God that He knew what was best for me. And that best has allowed me to be my best and help others get past that which is hindering their ability to move forward.

My best wasn’t as great as God’s best.  My work is far more rewarding.  The stresses of a commute are no longer there and neither is the constant feelings of being pulled in different directions.  I was overwhelmed and stressed in a job I thought was best for me and my family.  But God put me in a higher position and continues to open new doors every single day.  I believe God has an incredible plan for me and my family.  I enjoy my family time and no longer am I all too stressed to enjoy those precious moments with them.

Maybe that relationship you want so bad isn’t the BEST of what God wants for you.  Maybe that new job you applied for isn’t the BEST job God has for you.   Know that God is just waiting on the right time to give you what HE knows is BEST for you.  When I think of how I waited 3 years in a job I was so unhappy at and kept trying to leave, I realize God was working behind the scenes on His BEST.  God had me stationed there for those 3 years till He knew it was the best time to move me to the best position.

I love what Joseph Prince said in Sunday’s service.  I may not say it as eloquently as he did but he said something along the lines of, “When we go to God we come to Him asking for God to fill our cup.  But what we should be asking God, is for Him to fill our reservoir.”  He’s right.  We simply ask for our best but we aren’t asking God for His BEST! We are settling for what we feel is best for us.  When we should be striving for even greater.  And that is God’s BEST!  I don’t want to just come and ask God for a cup and just get a cup of blessings.  Let’s go to God boldly and ask Him to bless us with His very BEST!  And an over abundance of God’s BEST!

I see it now as, I no longer just want to settle for my best.  I want to wait on God’s BEST!  Why?  Because my Father Knows Best.


“For I know the plans I have for you,”  declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

psst…God Loves You


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