Path of Least Resistance


This afternoon I had these words just repeating themselves in my head.  “Path of Least Resistance”.  Over and over I just kept thinking this phrase.    “Path of Least Resistance.”   Was I taking the path of least resistance?  Was I avoiding something because I just want to cut corners and not wait it out?  I looked up the meaning to get a more in depth look and found this:  The easiest or least stressful course, path, or method.  

Six months ago, I walked away from my full-time job, and instead of jumping into one of the two offers that were presented to me, I chose to stay home and pursue the vision God had placed in my heart.  Was it easy?  Not at all.  Has it been a challenge?  Most definitely so.  I had been reconsidering my decision lately.  I began thinking, just maybe, I needed to jump back into corporate world and take a step back from my writing. 

This morning I was praying over this, again, and later as I prepared to write, these words popped in my head.  Was I in fact looking to take the Path of Least Resistance?  I had done it before.  Months back I gave up on seeking a publisher and chose to do it all myself.  In my eyes, it was much easier.  Less stress.  I didn’t have to sit here and write the perfect query letter just to get someone’s attention.  All I had to do was write and edit myself and BAM!  I’d have my book published.  I had taken the path of least resistance.  I had chosen an easier path.  And today God was showing me that again, I was looking to choose the easier path.  Did God promise this journey would be easy?  Nope.  Had He promised me there wouldn’t be any resistance whatsoever?  Not at all.  By the way, I went back to seeking a publisher and literary agent just recently for my upcoming books.  And I am still working on self-publishing.  Turned out not to be as easy as I thought which delayed everything on my part.  Okay God you were right.  

I think back on the story of Moses when he was given the task to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  God had constantly assured Moses He would be with him.  He would equip him.  But Moses was never once promised he wouldn’t face resistance.  Resistance from the Israelites and from the Pharoah.  The Israelites were tired of suffering and tired of waiting on God’s promises.  They stopped believing in Moses.  When Moses went to give them God’s message of His promise to give them the promise land,  in Exodus 6:6-8, The Israelites refused to listen.  They were discouraged and their spirits were so broken.  They had suffered so much during this season of waiting that they no longer wanted to hear what probably sounded like empty promises to them.  They just wanted the quickest way out and they grew weary during this waiting process.

Sometimes we begin to feel this way.  Discouragement tries to set in.  We get tired of waiting on the fulfillment of God’s promises.  Sometimes that one thing we have been waiting on just hasn’t happened. And we feel let down.  Discouraged.  In my case, I was starting to believe maybe it was time I stepped in to do my part.  Maybe, that’s what God was waiting on.  Maybe things weren’t moving along as I expected because I wasn’t doing enough.  But God spoke to me saying “Ileen, stop trying to take the path of least resistance.  When I say go, you go.  When I say stay, you stay.  When I say wait, you wait.”  I had been praying for a sign.  Something.  Anything.  I was seeking reassurance while all along God was trying to tell me, STOP & WAIT. 

When we step out of our assignment and choose to take the path of least resistance, we can keep ourselves from obtaining God’s promise land.  It takes patience and faith when we are waiting on God to fulfill that which He has promised us.  We fail to realize that it’s all on God’s timing.  And when he gets ready to release His promises to us, He will do it in a way that will leave us in total awe.  The Israelites just wanted out.  They didn’t see beyond that.  They didn’t understand the purpose for the long wait.  But the moment God gave them their freedom.  Not only had Pharoah released them.  He gave them gold, silver and anything else they wanted and needed and sent them on their way.  They left carrying wealth when once they had nothing and were slaves.   That’s how God works. 

So I wait.  I stay.  I listen.  I see that when God wants me to move, whatever the direction may be, He will make it crystal clear to me.  Just like today.  I need not take the path of least resistance.  I just need to trust that when I do face resistance, God will equip me and see me through that season.  No one ever said this assignment was going to be easy.  I just need to buckle down and enjoy the ride.  Patiently.  ❤


psst…God Loves You



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  1. Joshua rice says:

    This really hit home with me. Thank you for opening up that way. The path of least resistance. What a way to look at life today.

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  2. Hi Joshua! I just want to tell you, whatever season you are in. Don’t stop & don’t give up. Buckle down just like me and keep trusting God’s timing. I know first hand how hard this can be, especially when our flesh tells us we need this, and we need it now. I pray you find your strength and encouragement to keep running the race before you. God bless…Ileen


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