A Treasured Gift

It’s such a beautiful peaceful afternoon as I sit here listening to Kari Jobe sing “Silent Night”. Precious memories of my grandparents start to play over like vivid movie clips. Seems like just yesterday that I couldn’t wait to get one of those special brown bags grandpa would pass out to all the children in church after our Christmas Eve service.

Every year I remember going with him to the Canino’s Farmer’s Market to pick up cases of the largest apples and oranges he could find. The sweet savory scent of oranges and the sweet crisp apples would fill the car with all their goodness. He’d get home and fill brown lunch bags with one apple and one orange then add a handful of nuts and candies. Once all the bags were filled he’d careful twist the tops of the bags and tie red and green ribbons. Such a simple gift yet this one gift left behind some of the greatest memories. A treasured gift.

Christmas is filled with so many precious memories as this for me. But the most precious of them all is hearing the story of how our savior, Jesus, was born on a peaceful glorious night in this season. Not in a fancy hospital attended by the finest of doctors. But in a manger. Mary and Joseph, all alone just looked for any place to stay warm as Mary prepared to give birth. And all they could find was this manger. It was there that this precious baby, destined for greatness, was born. In the most humble way imaginable Jesus came into this world. And from afar the news spread of his birth as the stars guided those three wisemen that came to witness this glorious birth.

Imagine for a moment how moved these wisemen were when they saw Jesus at his birth. To witness this child they knew would one day save this world from all it’s sin. This tiny baby born for you and for me. This tiny baby born with a purpose far greater than any other. It’s this tiny baby, that laid swaddled in whatever Mary had to wrap him in and laid on a bed of hay, that would one day give his all for each and every one of us.

As we celebrate this Christmas season, let us remember the most treasured gift of all. It doesn’t come from the finest of stores wrapped in the prettiest of papers. This one precious gift carries a value far greater than any monetary amount imaginable. Our savior. The Prince of Peace. Jesus. The greatest gift God could have given to us all.

I wish you and all your loved ones a beautiful Christmas filled with many precious memories. May God bless your homes with peace and joy. May God fill your hearts with comfort and love. Merry Christmas on behalf of my family to yours.


psst…God Loves You

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