Let the countdown begin!


Let the countdown begin!  Tonight as I sit here all dolled up with my hubby watching TV and doing a little work, the sound of fireworks ring in the air.  Two of our boys left to spend this New Year’s Eve with friends and family while hubby and I chose to stay in with our son Matt enjoying a peaceful evening.  The excitement fills the air as everyone celebrates the end of 2017 and prepare to ring in 2018.  I can’t help but reflect on all the precious moments we shared in 2017.  But with that also came terrifying moments that at one time felt like a horrible nightmare.  So much took place in 2017.  Great moments.  Moments of change.  Moments of pain.  Moments of joy.  Moments to remember for a lifetime.

2017 started off with pain.  I was on week 4 of my recovery from a simple surgery gone completely bad and resulted in me being on bed rest for almost 6 weeks.  I look back at how painful that time was but with time I healed. The pain faded and I recovered.  It took much longer than many expected but I healed.  Halfway through the year, after three years at my job, I took a leap of faith.  And walked away from a secure paycheck to follow my heart.  I followed God.  I gave it all up to spend my days at home focusing on a book God had placed in my heart.  This very same year I started teaching women’s bible study again.  I gained courage I didn’t realize I had.  I became brave and stepped out in faith in many areas of my life.  I finished and as we speak am publishing my first book, “My Journey With God”.

Much of what took place in 2017 was not planned for.  Wasn’t expected or predicted.  It was God taking my plans and diverting me towards His plans.  And I couldn’t be happier.  I often teach others to prepare goals, write down their visions and seek to achieve their dreams.  But one thing we can never prepare for is when God intervenes and gives us His plans.  It can be intimidating at times.  Even scary.  But when we trust in God, He equips us and gives us everything we need to achieve that which He has planned for us.  I look back now at 2017 and reflect on every lesson I learned.  Every fear I overcame.  Every opportunity I took and even those I walked away from.  I look back at every new friendship made and even those lost.  I see the beautiful new beginnings of those precious lives that entered our world and I see those that departed.

I’m excited to get this countdown underway.  As Rene and I sit here, all dolled up taking selfies, waiting for the ball to drop, we are thrilled for what’s to come.   Keep in mind, we got dolled up just to sit on the couch watching tv.  I wasn’t about to ring in the New Year looking and feeling all frumpy lol so we dolled up quick.

Rene and I wait in anticipation for our very first grandbaby.  Our little princess is expected to arrive come April 1st and that day can’t come soon enough.  I am so ready to be a grandma!!  I am also excited for all the unknowns to come.  I have visions God has placed in my heart.  Dreams where He shows me pieces of this beautiful journey ahead.  I can’t help but get giddy just knowing that whatever lies ahead, I know it’s going to be greater than fantastic.  Because all this is God’s doing.  His blessings.  His visions for not just my life, but our lives, coming to fruit.

My dear friends, I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support this year.  I look forward to a new year with exciting new adventures to share with you.  It truly has been a blessing to share these messages from God and help you grow in your relationship with Christ.  It warms my heart to see the lives being transformed each and every day.  There is no greater reward for me than to see lives being touched each day by what God places in my heart to share with you.

I am thrilled to begin working on my new book and bible study guide.  So let the countdown begin.  Let’s get excited for 2018.  Let’s get excited for what lies ahead.  The lessons to learn.  Adventures to take.  Friendships to make.  Love to share.  Let’s take 2018 and create a year with precious memories and experiences.

From my little family here in Humble, Texas…we wish each and every one of you a Blessed and Happy New Year.


psst…God Loves You



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