Believe You WILL Achieve

I am so excited for today’s bible study with you all!  Download today’s full copy on the link below.


Believe You WILL Achieve Bible Study
The Israelites Rebel
Numbers 14:1-9

“That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe”
1 Timothy 4:10

Right before the New Year, I had created my Vision Board for 2018. Part of that Vision Board were items I hoped to have completed before 2018 even came. One was a I have been working on for nearly three years that had been delayed, yet again. But I didn’t allow these delays to stop me from pushing forward. At times I would become discouraged, questioning if in fact this was truly God’s vision He had placed on my heart or was it me? Timing clearly was not on my side. Delays and obstacles, one right after another, began to interfere with me accomplishing this one goal. I couldn’t understand why. It was easy to allow my emotions to take reign over my peace of mind and trust that God would see this dream come to pass. But in my moments of weakness, discouragement tried to pull be down.

Isn’t this usually the case. The moment we don’t see our goals and dreams being fulfilled we begin to get discouraged. We allow our emotions to overcome our peace of mind. We begin to doubt and question. And for some, in those moments that everything appears as a total fail, we simply QUIT!

Why? It’s simple. We stop BELIEVING in what we had once VISUALIZED. We stop BELIEVING in our dreams, visions, and goals. We stop BELIEVING in what God placed in our hearts. We stop BELIEVING in what God’s promises are. And we stop BELIEVING that God will fulfill His promises to us. We stop BELIEVING we can ACHIEVE!

Download the link above for the rest of this incredible bible study!

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