Faith Without Action – Bible Study

Hello Everyone!  Tonight my girlfriends and I will be talking about “Faith Without Action”as we dive into this week’s bible study.  Below is the intro to tonight’s bible study.  I have also included a link to download a copy of tonight’s full bible study.

“Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”
James 2:17

You’ve spent days, probably weeks now working on your goals for this new year. Maybe you’ve created a vision board with images of every dream, vision and idea you have for your future. You have Visualized every detail down to the fulfillment of your goals, dreams and visions. You see it and you Believe it. Your greatest desire is to accomplish every goal you have set out. You are now on a mission. A mission to Achieve those dreams. So now, what comes next?

Now it’s time to take Action. To put works behind your faith. James 2:17 tells us, “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” Let’s apply this to our every day lives. When we set goals, create these beautiful intricate vision boards, in order to achieve those goals, we must take action. It’s pointless to sit and create a list of goals, to share those vivid dreams with others, if all we do is just stare at that board or simply talk about those dreams. Just the same, when we say we are women of faith but put no action behind our faith, what good is our faith.

Download tonight’s full bible study with notes page by clicking the link below.

Faith Without Action Bible Study

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