Spiritual Training Bootcamp – Bible Study

Are you ready to get all pumped up on GOD?!  I know I am!  Tonight we begin our new series, Spiritual Training Bootcamp!

It’s a new year and we have been so pumped up with setting our goals and our visions. For some, those goals consist of physical training. Exercise. Strength training. CrossFit. Power training. Healthy eating habits. Proper nourishment. Physical Bootcamps. All this to take care of our physical being. But what about our Spiritual being?

We often think of Bootcamps as rigorous physical training geared towards building physical endurance, strength and cardiovascular health. These Bootcamps consist of a series of challenging workout routines that help improve muscle toning, health and balance. But there’s another type of training Paul tells Timothy about in 1 Timothy 4:8. Spiritual Training. Building spiritual strength and endurance to withstand the obstacles and challenging moments in life. Paul teaches us to keep moving forward, focusing our all on our race and not what’s behind us.

Download a copy of today’s bible study to read more on how you can being your training through this Spiritual Training Bootcamp.

Spiritual Training Bootcamp Bible Study

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