* Book Launch * – My Journey With God


My Journey With God.Front Cover** NOW AVAILABLE**

I am beyond excited to FINALLY, after three years of working day and night,  bring to you My Journey With God which is now available for purchase!  

Three years ago God took a good hold of my heart and since has led me through this incredible journey.  After much self-discovery, I was able to learn my true purpose and accept that I was qualified and equipped.  God placed this precious desire deep in my heart and with that, I knew there was nothing I could not accomplish with God leading the path.

My Journey With God is more than a depiction of my own personal spiritual journey.  It’s about overcoming that hidden painful unforgiveness we tend to keep locked tightly within our hearts.  It’s about learning to accept who we are and love every part of who God created us to be.  It’s about learning what our purpose in life is and fulfilling that very purpose God intended for us.  It’s about battling with our faith when life’s circumstances knock us down.  

When I wrote My Journey With God, God breathed those words of encouragement and motivation into my spirit to share with YOU. 

Order your copy today!  Learn how you too can overcome fear, anxiety and depression.  Learn how to anchor your faith in God and trusting His plans and His timing.  Learn how to recognize and release the unforgiveness that’s been hindering your ability to move forward in life.  Life is too precious my friend to spend our days holding on to the past, those words said or actions that can’t be undone.

Order your copy today!   

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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