Just Breathe

I’m sitting here tonight in the stillness of the night, still coming down from my Jesus high from church. Such a powerful message from Pastor John Gray that just hit home with me. “I’m not a quitter!”,are the words that just continue to play over and over in my head. It’s all so peaceful as I sit here amidst the chaos around me. And tonight I sit here thanking God that I am not a quitter. I keep fighting to keep pushing forward. To run my race despite the chaos.

I stop and look and see the dining and kitchen floor are completely gutted and let’s not get into the details of my halfway painted kitchen with countertops covered in STUFF. I got home to find Rene had just ripped out a few cabinets which was definitely not on my radar for tonight. My office has been in shambles with walls ripped out and demo in progress. It’s literally utter chaos here, yet somehow I sit here in peace tonight. Enjoying the tranquility of this beautiful night. Thinking of how my faith and determination keeps me going every day despite the chaos and craziness.

The baby shower invitations sit piled high waiting to be stamped and mailed, and I can’t help but smile. In the busyness of this month, the chaos of these weeks, the multitude of things to do, I sat down to do nothing more than Just Breathe.

I had spent days just going frantically trying to accomplish this and that task. I had put aside my important quiet time with God. I wasn’t making time for Him like I usually do. And in all this, I felt like I just couldn’t breathe. I was exhausted. Downright tired of running like a mad woman. I needed peace restored within me. And in the craziness of Pastor Gray’s amazing message, I found peace. I could Just Breathe again.

Have you ever felt this way? Tired and overwhelmed? Like you are suffocating and you…just…can’t…breathe? Chaos surrounds you everywhere? Those to-dos are just too much?

God took me tonight and sat me down in the middle of all this mess and silenced my inner chaos. God slowed me down and reminded me to Just Breathe. Inhale His peace and tranquility and exhale all the chaos and noise that keeps trying to tell me I’m not doing enough. God reminded me tonight, that there will be days where I will focus on the kids, the house and to-dos but never have I not given of myself to Him. And then there will be days where my complete focus is on Him and this precious gift He has given me to nourish and handle with care.

My dear friend, let me be the first to tell you, you are more than enough. You are an amazing person and you deserve to have and enjoy those peaceful moments of tranquility. Stop trying to handle it all on your own. Stop trying to juggle it all and Just Breathe. Don’t allow yourself to become consumed by the busyness of the day. Instead Just Breathe in God’s comforting peace. Allow God to restore the calmness in your life. Let go! Let go of trying to accomplish everything all in one shot. Instead, breathe, slow down and enjoy a moment sitting in the stillness of the night. Allow God to breathe those words of assurance that let’s you know everything will be ok. Just Breathe.


Psst…God Loves You

It’s been a month of busyness and a little chaos in our home. Just this week alone has been overwhelming. I’ve been running myself ragged just trying to keep up with none other than myself.

In all this crazyness

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