Living With Radical Faith

I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem.”
Nehemiah 2:12

Have you found yourself in a position where you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, God has put something in your heart?

In today’s Bible Study, we will learn about a guy name Nehemiah that teaches us what it is to Live With Radical Faith. He is a prime example of stepping out of the ordinary and doing something extraordinary.

When God puts something in our heart, like he did with Nehemiah, sometimes we find ourselves too afraid to step out and do as God has asked of us. We worry about the nay-sayers. We worry what others will say or think. We spend more time contemplating the possibilities and weighing in with all those discouraging thoughts.

What we learn from Nehemiah, is that in order for us to have a life Living With Radical Faith, we must start with Radical Thinking in order for us to have that Radical Growth. It’s what we feed in our mind that grows. If we feed negativity, we grow discouragement and fear. But if we nourish our mind and feed it those healthy encouraging thoughts, those “I know God’s got this” thoughts, we will essential have a more radical way of thinking. No longer thinking inside the confinement of the four walls to that box. But instead, we have a limitless thought process that exceeds the confinement of those four walls. We think outside the box. We have bold and courageous thoughts. We step into our faith fearlessly.

We learn that when Nehemiah stepped out, fearless and courageous, he sought God before any move, or word he said. We too, should act in just this very same way before taking a bold leap. This resulted in Nehemiah doing that which God had placed in his heart and not of his own plans. We may find that we want one thing, but God intervenes and shows us a different way. And His way proves to be better…always. The moment we switch gears and begin having some Radical Thinking, we then see the amazing growth process that takes place. Which is where Radical Growth comes into play. We see the amazing results, of what was once merely a thought, come to realization. We step away from the existing views and go beyond every expectation.

Download the link below for the full bible study on Nehemiah, “Living With Radical Faith”

Living With Radical Faith

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