From Conquered to Conqueror – Bible Study


How do we go from Conquered to Conqueror?

When I think of a conqueror, I think of Nehemiah. He could have easily allowed all the nay-sayers, every enemy, every attack, every fear, to hold him back from fulfilling what was in his heart. To rebuild Jerusalem and make it whole once again. Nehemiah, being only a cupbearer, did not allow his fear to keep him from approaching the king and make his request. And because of his bold, courageous attitude, the king granted his request.

In the book of Nehemiah, we learn of this great man that overcame fear, his enemies, nay-sayers and every obstacle that came his way. Nehemiah proved to be a conqueror never once allowing himself to be conquered and defeated.

Have you ever found yourself feeling defeated?

Feeling overwhelmed by insecurity, fear, worry, and anxiety?

Have you been told you…just…don’t…qualify, you aren’t the right fit, you don’t have what it takes?

Are you facing a situation now that has you feeling overcome and conquered?

Through this bible study, we will learn how to overcome all those nasty obstacles and nay-sayers, in full faith, just like Nehemiah did and go from Conquered to Conqueror.

Download your copy of today’s bible study guide, From Conquered to Conqueror.

From Conquered to Conqueror

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