Broken Texas Size Mess

Four years ago I felt unqualified, unworthy, just flat out not good enough to serve in a church. And at this very same time, God was tugging at my heart, pulling me towards women’s ministry. I can honestly say, for an entire year I told God, “No way, no how. You’ve got the wrong girl.” But that surely never stopped Him.

Tonight, I have been sitting on my couch just in awe of how my day went. With notebooks and bibles scattered all over my couch and coffee table, I can’t help but smile at where God has me today. Three years after I said YES! Yes to serving Him. Yes to following everything He has placed in my heart all nice and snug.

I spent part of this night sitting in a class as I prepare to step into this new season of serving God. As a Prayer Partner at our church. I went from not feeling I could ever be worthy enough to teach women the word of God to having a women’s bible study group I founded a year ago this month. I went from feeling totally unqualified to serve within a women’s ministry and now serve in two at our church and leader of my own ministry. I went from feeling all these negative emotions that were robbing me from following God’s call to serving Him in so many ways, to confidence in knowing Who I Am and Whose I Am. I love that God took this broken, beat down, insecure Texas girl, and put a bold vision in her heart and has since fulfilled it and still going today. God didn’t see the broken Texas size mess. He saw a Work In Progress with a heart for Him.

My dear friend, don’t allow discouragement and those pretty little lies to rob you from your destiny. Don’t allow those insecure thoughts the enemy tries to fill your mind with to overcome the goodness God is revealing to you. Believe me when I say this. God takes dirty, scruffed up, little ol broken us and cleans us up, wipes away our tears and replaces it with an undying joy. He then seats us on higher ground, confident and fearless. What God did for me He will certainly do for you.

May God bless you on your precious journey. May you find the courage to step boldly into this new season He has for you. And in all you do, may you find confidence in knowing you are qualified, worthy, extraordinary and destined for greatness.


psst…God Loves You

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  1. Keith Mosher says:

    Like many others I have struggled for years with my “un-worthiness” to serve God. In fact, when I went through Celebrate Recovery a Christ-Centered 12 step program, I realized that I was never able to forgive myself for all of the bad things I have done to other people in my life. Sure God had forgiven me, but I hated the man in the mirror. Many times this self-hatred manifested in thoughts of ending my life, but the devil is a liar.

    When I finally learned two big truths… really learned them… I was set free. God loves me and the devil IS a liar. If God loves me, I must have great value, if God forgives me I must be forgiveable… If God gave me life, who am I to end it?

    Now my life is unrecognizable as God is using me to show others what it means to break free of bondage with CHRIST alone. Thank you Jesus.

    I am grateful to have stumbled upon your writings. Keep up the good work.

    Stay Strong & Stand Tall

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    1. My precious friend. You are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your testimony with me. God created you with a divine purpose and today we see His works manifesting through your precious testimony. You are a blessing to many and I just pray many blessing over you as God continues leading you on this precious journey we call life. My friend, you are free. Freedom came when you took His hand. Hallelujah, praise Jesus for your freedom. God bless!


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