Crazy Visions

I woke up Friday morning with that Cinderella, after the ball, feeling.  You know the part where she had to be home before midnight, before her beautiful gown turned to rags and her carriage turned into a pumpkin.  The smile was still spread wide across my face, all the while my heart was still dancing in sheer joy.  I was back in my flip flops and out of the suit and heels with my messy hair bun.

Somewhere around three years ago, I had a vision.  A vision so crazy yet it felt so real.  At the time I was a member of a new upcoming church and a year back, God had really taken a hold of my heart.  He shook me unlike any time before.  In this vision I saw myself standing before a group of women speaking.  I couldn’t tell exactly where I was and who was in the group.  I had no idea what I was speaking about or why, but just new it was a group of women in a church.

I remember waking up and sharing this vision with Rene.  He encouraged me to continue pursing what I had been feeling in my heart.  To teach the Word of God to women and continue writing my book.  God had taken me down a road that for so many moments, I felt unqualified, unworthy, and just flat out, out of my league.  I was no way, no how, a Godly enough woman to be teaching or writing on faith.  But in my obedience, I did just as God had placed in my heart.

Have you ever felt this way?  So disqualified and inadequate to believe in a vision or dream?  Well that was all me right there in a nutshell.

Thursday night, approximately three years, a published book, a women’s ministry, and many bible studies later, the vision God had given me was fulfilled.  That crazy dream I thought was beyond anything I could do, had just become a reality.  I stood before a group of 50+ women at The League’s event JUMP, at Lakewood Church, in Houston.  On Wednesday, God revealed to me what He had done.  He reminded me of this dream, this vision I had all these years back.  A vision I didn’t understand and at times thought was crazy and far fetched.  God shook me once again on Wednesday when He reminded me of this vision and He showed me how the following night it would come to fruit.  What I once saw as crazy and far fetched was about to be realized and fulfilled in less than 24 hours.

I have seen God move in my life so much since I said YES.  Since I walked in obedience.  I saw God take a journal entry and turn it into a published book, bible study ideas that became full blown series that have been taught, and I have seen God take my intimidation and insecurities and turn them into bravery and bold courage.  He shook me alright.  When I tell you to trust those visions, dreams, and goals you have nestled in your heart.  I want you to trust that God has given those visions to YOU!  For you to fulfill.  For you to bring them to fruit.  Some may not understand what you are doing and why and many may not be as encouraging as you’d hope for.  But trust the process my dear friend.  And be patient and understanding that it will all come to pass on God’s time, not yours.

Look at me today!  I look around my office now and just smile.  I smile because what may look like a stack of mess to some, I see a stack of bible studies being written and rough drafts from my book.  I see a beautiful mess of wonderful works in the process.  I see God’s visions He gave me all coming to fruit.  On His time.  What once was a crazy vision to me has become a reality all thanks to God.  Keep believing in those visions God has given to you.  And remember, to also keep believing in yourself.

Then the Lord replied:

“Write down the revelation

    and make it plain on tablets

    so that a herald[a] may run with it.

For the revelation awaits an appointed time;

    it speaks of the end

    and will not prove false.

Though it linger, wait for it;

    it[b] will certainly come

    and will not delay.”

Habakkuk 2:2-3


psst…God Loves You

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